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Our mission is to provide superior strategically customized organizational, business and technology leadership solutions.

Strategic leadership solutions

Because the primary function of any organization or business is established to remain relevant and successful, those in leadership are charged with ensuring that the organization not only survives, but that it thrives! However, there is no doubt that some organizations are more successful than others, and Sakal-Solutions, LLC certainly understands why that is!
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organizational improvement solutions

As organization leaders strive for greater business success and to develop their corporate competitive edge via employee core competencies, they have realized much more is required to create a leading organization. The challenges hindering organizational success, and hence why organization change often fail, can often be due to understanding the exact change needed indicative of the type of organization.

organizational culture solutions

The success of an organization can often be reflective of the organization’s culture because each organization has a specific culture based on how employees treat each other, how work is done, and how they communicate. Tis determines how work gets done, or how work does not get done.

information security 


In the current technology-oriented environment of business, information security, and we mean well-adapted and relevant information security, is a core necessity for every business utilizing computers, and particularly those doing business via the internet. 
Business leaders must candidly question if their information security plan of the business and organization strategically supports the goals and objectives desired for competitive advantage.

Training solutions

Within the information technology sector, there is an overwhelming need for more trained, knowledgeable, and talented individuals. Along with this fact, I have heard from countless individuals to include seasoned professionals who have expressed how they wished they had studied or chose a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) career.
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