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Our core Partners

Our core partners work together to create organizational solutions. 

e. wayne rose, phd

Wayne is an accomplished executive strategic leader, innovative IT strategist and CIO/CISO with a total of 30  years of industry, higher-education, and government strategic IT leadership experience. As an innovative experienced IT leader & security expert understanding information technology and systems, organizational strategy, culture and change, and enterprise-wide collaboration, he builds high-performing teams to improve systems, services and access to critical information. 
Dr. Rose transforms organizations via the development of IT strategy, vision and planning, process improvement, and IT governance and budgeting to deliver effective IT services.  In his doctoral studies, Dr. Rose examined the relationship between strategic leadership and organizational commitment mediated by organizational culture. He has developed numerous strategic solutions for government organizations, higher-education, and various private industries. He has published on the importance of information security, and developed position papers on organizational strategy, organizational culture, organizational change, radical convergence change strategy, why some organizational are more successful than others, and the culture of higher education in the African American community. 

Dr. Rose holds a B.S. in Computer Science, an executive M.S. in IT Leadership, a M.S. in Government Information Leadership/ Strategic Transformation, a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (strategy, culture and commitment), and certifications as a Federal and Executive CIO, CISO, CFO,  GSL, ISSP (CNNSS 4011/4012) and PCFM.


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