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information security solutions

In the current technology-oriented business environment, information security, and we mean well-adapted and relevant information security, is a core necessity for every business utilizing computers, particularly those doing business via the internet. 

Business leaders must candidly question if their information security plan strategically supports the goals
and objectives required for competitive advantage. The Center for Internet Security says many of the cybersecurity challenges in 2021 will be those we are already familiar with, but the difference will be that these cyber threats will be more intense and challenging, perpetrated by more sophisticated threat actors leveraging new and devious techniques, with greater and more damaging consequences for the unprepared (CIS, 2021).
Sakal-Solutions, LLC will provide a specific security strategy after performing a systematic information assurance/security analysis specific to your organizational business and data and several other key criteria for your organization.
Unfortunately, most businesses operate information security or cyber-security to some degree, as a marginal self-contained silo business entity within the organization, even though such security attacks affect every aspect of the enterprise. Subsequently, information assurance / security strategies must now be a core imperative towards the success of every organization and business.
Therefore, the Sakal-Solutions, LLC Information Security Strategy begins with a security assessment, and not some canned one size fits all security approach. If every organization and business is somewhat different, shouldn’t the approach towards defending your organization be specific and match your organization? 
The Sakal-Solutions, LLC Information Security Solution approach is built on national defense education and strategic experience and practices. This has proven instrumental in leading a state organization to attain its most progressively improved information security audit, and strategy defeated a ransomware threat attack! 
We accomplish this by leveraging appropriate security practices to provide required visibility and transparency into your security practices to ensure your organizational business won’t be unprepared or unprotected when that attack takes place!

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