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organizational culture solutions

In today’s business environment, the culture of an organization has much to do with determining its success, and for those in business, this notably translates into how efficient and effective products and services can be provided to customers. The success of an organization can often be reflective of the organization’s culture because each organization has a specific culture based on how
employees treat each other, how work is done, and how they communicate. This determines how work gets done, or how work does not get done. Consequently, in addition to leadership, the culture of an organization is very critical since it can determine the level of success the organization experiences. Although most agrees that leadership is very important and a significant contributor to organizational success, the culture of the organization is identified as a significant predictor of organizational success.
Consequently,  culture of an organization can be the most important non-tangible entity that dictates success and profitability, or not! This single aspect is so critical that we are told by industry senior leaders and researchers that culture is more important to the organization than any other strategy leadership seeks to accomplish. As a result, there is hardly any disagreement that the culture of an organization is important for ongoing business success and profitability. However, when the culture of an organization does not fit or conform to the expectations of employees, it is said to be dysfunctional. As such, there is a normal tendency by leaders to outline the required change needed to “fix” a dysfunctional culture.
However, like “fixing” anything in life, it is first important to know the cause of the problem prior to implementing a solution. Therefore, to better understand, communicate and validate ongoing employee organizational attitudes and frustrations reflective of the current organizational actions culture of employees, we must identify, analyze and develop a specific strategy that addresses the organizational culture of a particular organization.

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